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Breyerfest Pickups Are Back!

Chelsea's Model Horses is back for Breyerfest Pickups in 2021!  

Breyerfest will be solely VIRTUAL in 2021.  This means that any collector has the opportunity to participate in the festivities with Breyer on their website. 

Chelsea's Model Horses will however be offering a limited number of "pickups" for Breyerfest 2021 Exclusive models.  Many customers have found great value in my pickup service for the increased assurance that they will be able to receive the model(s) that they are hunting for.  

How it works: 

1-Reserve your spot on my list by placing a deposit (spots are limited, and once I'm full, I'm full!) This deposit will be applied to your account total. (I take care of purchasing tickets, so you don't have to worry about that!)

2-As models are announced, those who have placed deposits will have first chance to reserve a model.  They are first come first served within the Pickup Group.  You can pay in full for each model as they are released, or opt for time payments, in which case the due date on all orders is June 30th.  (Time payments can pay at their convenience, as long as all payments are completed by June 30th)

3-Breyerfest time comes...I and my team work tirelessly to purchase the models you order!  

4-Models arrive...we inventory models to ensure that we received all that we ordered, and begin shipping to you!  With models getting shipped to us from Breyer, I estimate that I will be packing orders to leave for their new homes around the end of July, thru early August.  At this time, shipping cost will be billed to the exact cost. 

5-That's it! I've worked to streamline the process to make it as easy as possible for you and me!  


Prices(these prices are generalizations):
Celebration Model with purchase of other Breyerfest Models-$50
Most Special Runs*-$140-160
Surprise Model*-$160 opened, $200 unopened
Traditional Store Specials*-$120-140
Single Day Stablemates*-$30 each, or all 4 for $100
*These ESTIMATED prices are based off of last year; if Breyer changes or increases prices, mine will adjust accordingly.


Refunds-Refunds are NOT offered.  Should you cancel your order, you will not receive any refunds.  I purchase tickets soon after they are released, and those are non-refundable, so should you back out, unfortunately I can't offer any refunds.  HOWEVER, in the event that I am not able to obtain your model, you WILL get a quick and full refund, OR equal substitution model.  It will be your choice between refund and substitute.  This is the only time that I will offer full refund, if I can't uphold my end.   

Swapping Models on your List/Canceling models-I am not able to swap or cancel models once you reserve them for your account.  I only take a limited number of orders PER MODEL, so if you want to swap or cancel one, you will incur a $20 charge per model canceled or swapped.  In some cases, swapping a model will mean that I need to purchase an additional ticket, so this cost helps cover that.  Please be certain that you want the model when you choose to order it.  

References-I am able to provide a great many references from clients who have used my services in the past.  I understand that it can be a scary undertaking, placing a pre-order, so if you would like some references, just ask! You can also always search the reference boards for my shop name, and let the reviews speak for themselves.  :)  I pride myself on offering a great service that so many in the hobby have come to rely on.  

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to helping my clients score some pretty ponies in 2021!