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Landler-WAITLIST ONLY-Breyerfest 2022 Special Run-PRE SALE-Breyer Traditional

Landler-WAITLIST ONLY-Breyerfest 2022 Special Run-PRE SALE-Breyer Traditional

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Breyerfest 2022 Special Run Exclusive

PRE SALE-I will be purchasing this model in person at Breyerfest 2022-he will be shipped to you AFTER my return home, estimated shipping towards the end of July. 

Once Spots are Sold Out, I will accept WAITLIST orders-these orders will be the full price, however they are not guaranteed that they can be filled-I have had fantastic results in filling the waitlist in years past, and look to continue that this year.  The listing will be updated when/if the waitlist occurs.

Spots are first come, first served-they are only available as paid in full, no time payments.  

Variations within the Limited Edition or Special Run Models: With the release of the 2021 Breyerfest models having multiple rare variations, I feel the need to address my policy on this...although there is no guarantee that Breyer will offer these "micro runs" again, I will have a policy in place. In the event that there are "micro runs" (I will consider this to be anything less than a 50/50 split of the run), please understand that you will be getting the originally advertised version of the models, not the micro run.

In the event that there are 50/50 splits within a Special Run being offered (e.g. matte/glossy, mane/tail variations, etc), I will accept requests of which variation you prefer, and do my best to allocate models to their new homes in the order that they were paid in full.
I understand that my policy concerning micro runs may not please everyone, however last year I did my best to fairly allocate the special micro run models that I received, and despite my efforts, I received several unhappy emails, from clients who were upset at not receiving a "special" model, despite my efforts.

Refunds-Refunds are NOT offered.  Should you cancel your order, you will not receive any refunds.  I purchase tickets soon after they are released, and those are non-refundable, so should you back out, unfortunately I can't offer any refunds.  HOWEVER, in the event that I am not able to obtain your model (this includes the waitlist), you WILL get a quick and full refund, OR equal substitution model.  It will be your choice between refund and substitute.  This is the only time that I will offer full refund, if I can't uphold my end.   
Swapping Models on your List/Canceling models-I am not able to swap or cancel models once you reserve them for your account.  Please be certain that you want the model when you choose to order it.