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New Releases for 2023

These items are PRE-ORDER ONLY unless otherwise specified.  When purchasing, please do not include items that are "in-stock" and ready to ship.  If your order is a mix of both Pre-Order and In-Stock items, please be aware that I will ship the in stock items, and you will be billed for the remaining shipping balance due once the pre-ordered items arrive.  

Regarding Pre-Orders: Please be aware that (much to my despair) I have no control over the time frame in which Breyer sends my items to me.  I CAN guarantee that I place my orders with Breyer as quickly as humanly possible, and upon their arrival at my shop, typically I am able to get all orders packed and on my carrier trucks within 0-3 business days.  

Any shipping time frames that are listed on the pre-order items are estimated shipping time frames given to me by Breyer, and are subject to change (thru no fault of my own).  I highly recommend joining my email newsletter to stay up to date on the current backorder status'.  :)  You can do so at the bottom of the page, under "newsletter".  

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