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Breyer Bears-Breyerfest 2022 Special Run-PRE SALE-Breyer Traditional

Breyer Bears-Breyerfest 2022 Special Run-PRE SALE-Breyer Traditional

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Breyer Bears-set of 3

Breyerfest 2022 Special Run Exclusive

PRE SALE-I will be purchasing this model in person at Breyerfest 2022-he will be shipped to you AFTER my return home, estimated shipping towards the end of July. 

Once Spots are Sold Out, I will accept WAITLIST orders-these orders will be the full price, however they are not guaranteed that they can be filled-I have had fantastic results in filling the waitlist in years past, and look to continue that this year.  The listing will be updated when/if the waitlist occurs.

Special Run Spots are first come first served within the Pickup Group (and then any extra spots are made available to the public).  You can pay in full for each model as they are released, or opt for time payments, in which case the due date on all orders is June 26th.  (Time payments can pay at their convenience, as long as all payments are completed by June 26th)  It is important to understand that having a spot on my pickup group list does NOT guarantee that you will get the model you want-there is still a degree of luck/good timing/strategy involved with getting the models from Breyerfest, so please understand that while we do our best, it is not a 100% sure thing. 

Variations within the Limited Edition or Special Run Models: With the release of the 2021 Breyerfest models having multiple rare variations, I feel the need to address my policy on this...although there is no guarantee that Breyer will offer these "micro runs" again, I will have a policy in place. In the event that there are "micro runs" (I will consider this to be anything less than a 50/50 split of the run), please understand that you will be getting the originally advertised version of the models, not the micro run.

In the event that there are 50/50 splits within a Special Run being offered (e.g. matte/glossy, mane/tail variations, etc), I will accept requests of which variation you prefer, and do my best to allocate models to their new homes in the order that they were paid in full.
I understand that my policy concerning micro runs may not please everyone, however last year I did my best to fairly allocate the special micro run models that I received, and despite my efforts, I received several unhappy emails, from clients who were upset at not receiving a "special" model, despite my efforts.

Refunds-Refunds are NOT offered.  Should you cancel your order, you will not receive any refunds.  I purchase tickets soon after they are released, and those are non-refundable, so should you back out, unfortunately I can't offer any refunds.  HOWEVER, in the event that I am not able to obtain your model, you WILL get a quick and full refund, OR equal substitution model.  It will be your choice between refund and substitute.  This is the only time that I will offer full refund, if I can't uphold my end.   
Swapping Models on your List/Canceling models-I am not able to swap or cancel models once you reserve them for your account.  Please be certain that you want the model when you choose to order it.