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Slainte Surprise-UNOPENED-Breyerfest Special Run PICKUPS

Slainte Surprise-UNOPENED-Breyerfest Special Run PICKUPS

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UNOPENED Surprise Model

Breyerfest Special Run 

This is a PRE-ORDER, and will be purchased during Breyerfest this July.  

Expected shipping time is late July.  Orders will be shipped out as soon as they arrive in shop. 

In the event that orders are not able to be fulfilled, you will receive a quick and full refund.  

Surprise Models:
For opened surprise models, I WILL open them, check for major flaws, and then ask my customers in the order that they ordered and paid in full, which model is their 1st, 2nd and 3rd color choice. This does NOT guarantee you your 1st color choice. However, I have had wonderful luck in this process, and I hope for it to continue to provide everyone with their 1st color choice. 😊I do occasionally acquire glossy models in the SR lines, and in that case, they are offered to customers in the first come, first paid in full method. Something that I will stress, is that even if you are within the first 5 in the list, that DOES NOT guarantee that you will get a Glossy. IT IS LUCK OF THE DRAW. I can’t stress that enough…I do my best, but sometimes luck is not on my side, and despite my best efforts, the Matte models are the most commonly purchased.

For UNOPENED models, they are simply that, UNOPENED. The risk involved with choosing this option is that there could be flaws. There is no return policy on these, so please accept the risk of flaws if you wish to purchase them unopened. Also, to clarify, in the last couple years Breyer has not sealed the SR bags, but only put a piece of tape across the opening. I want to assure you that I will not open bags that are meant to stay sealed.

This model will only be available at Breyerfest 2020 in July, and for the 6th year in a row, we are offering our pickup services! 


We are a reputable service, and one of the most trusted in the hobby for Breyerfest pickups.  Feel free to research out past transactions on the Facebook transaction boards, or feel free to contact me directly for references.